Jamie Raines Addresses 5 Questions You Probably Shouldn’t Ask Trans People

Rebecca Vipond Brink / October 13, 2015

Jamie Raines, the trans man whose timelapse video of selfies taken over the course of three years throughout his gender transition went viral last week, made a video for People addressing five questions you probably should just opt not to ask the trans people in your life and why not. They are:More »

Qdoba’s Imaginary Friend, Jennifer Lawrence, Will Supposedly Help Them Sell More Burritos

Megan Reynolds / October 13, 2015

She’s naturally magnetic, leads a story-filled life, and invites others to do the same. She’s a personification of flavor in our lives.”More »

Vaginas Come In All Sorts — Now, So Do Vagina Emojis

Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 13, 2015

Yesterday, the Unicode Consortium in California (whut) revealed the 67 new emoji that will be made available to smartphone holders next year — including even more phallic vegetables to supplement the tired eggplant in your sexts. Meanwhile, there are still no decent options for talking about vaginas in emoji — we still don’t even have that damn taco AppleMore »

This Week In Idiot Matchmaking: DUI Dummies

Lauren Vinopal / October 13, 2015

We found love in a hopeless place. … More »

Winter Storm YOLO Might Be To Blame For Your Upcoming Winter Distress

Rebecca Vipond Brink / October 13, 2015

When your pipes freeze and you have to dig your way out of a snowdrift to get to the corner store and maybe you even have to abandon your car on the freeway for a few days this upcoming winter, you may be cursing Winter Storm YOLO, thanks to The Weather Channel.
AndMore »

Donald Trump Will Host “Saturday Night Live” Next Month

Newser / October 13, 2015

Yes, this is really happening: Donald Trump is hosting “Saturday Night Live” on Nov. 7, reports NBC, which notes that the gig falls almost exactly one year before the presidential election on Nov. 8, 2016. Trump last hosted the show in April 2004; this time around, the musical guest will be Sia. Read more on Newser…More »

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